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Irish cleaners present one off cleaning services in Dublin

While picking a life-changing decision like passing a new city, our one off cleaning service influences your home or office need.

Irish Cleaner offers a one off office cleaning service, whatever you demand once or repeatedly. Whether you desire a home or office deep cleaning, our experienced, certified cleaners will give you a sparking home.  

We serve very popular house deep cleaning services in Dublin & surrounding areas. We promise you to grant children & pets safe cleaning; no hidden fees we apply while hiring us.

We believe in perfection, no bargain; a quality control inspection confirms your sparkling house after every house cleaning session. Further, if any of our cleaning team touches you best, demand them all time; only confirm with us; we’ll confirm your happiness!

Hence, place Irish cleaners first in the list of the best once-off deep cleaning services Dublin; get insured and highly recommended services.

What makes our one off deep cleaning services the best choice?

Flexible scheduling: We grant our consumers flexible scheduling for their domestic cleaning service. Only inform us of your favorable time and date.

Certified & trusted cleaners: Seat confidently, all of our cleaners are certified & trusted and go through a background check.

Affordable prices: We are lidding Dublin, Kildare, Meath, and Wicklow areas offering high-quality, proficient, accessible house deep cleaning services. You will enjoy a squeaky clean home with our competitive rates.

Quality assurance: We promise you quality cleaning with your demanding perfection, giving you a pristine clean home.

Why we are the best

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Discover our one off deep clean proficiency

Cleaning is our passion; we do it with love, care & complete concern. Irish Cleaner will Serve you the following cleaning service with integrity.

Cost of our services

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How much does our deep-clean service cost?

It relies on various features; your cleaning demand influences these features directly. See our following features which impact our cleaning cost-

Size of your house: We estimate the house deep cleaning services rate considering your house size through square footage. We also count on the number of bedrooms.

Type of cleaning: What type of cleaning do you want, advanced or essential; this feature affect our cleaning costing.

A number of services: While you need more services like fridge, oven, carpet, window cleaning, floor polishing, and applying a power washer, you need to spend more.

Explore deep cleaning in just 3 steps


Appoint us

Get a free quotation for deep clean Dublin services. Make a call or chat with our live experts. Our friendly staff will assist you with all cleaning concerns.


Schedule your time

As we grant your flexible scheduling, our experienced deep cleaners will be at your door at the perfect time. Let them deep house cleaning; no delay; no compromise with quality.


Enjoy a shiny house

Our inspection for stander control confirms the best match for your cleaning demand. Get a sparkling, shiny deep house cleaning as we promise. If any faulty, we’ll settle for free!

Top 5 Satisfactions fo Us

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Top 5 satisfaction of our one off deep cleaning Dublin solutions

  • Enhance indoor air condition: Our deep cleaning kills pollutants, allergens, and dust, enhancing air inside.
  • Minimizing illness possibility: Clean surfaces remove germs and bacteria, minimizes illness possibility; infection chance.
  • Extend appliance lifespan: Professional regular cleaning improves appliances & surface condition extending their lifespan.
  • Amplify creative Appeal: Deep cleaning revitalizes your home appearance kicking out all the grime and stains, giving you an appealing and welcoming visibility.
  • Happiness with satisfaction: A sparkling clean home gives a calm sense minimizing stress levels, serving you a happier & healthier living environment with satisfaction.

Deep Cleaning

Benefits of Hiring Irish Cleaners

When you choose Irish Cleaners for your deep house cleaning needs, you can enjoy the following benefits:


Professional Deep Cleaning

Irish Cleaners provide top-notch deep cleaning services, ensuring thorough removal of dirt, allergens, and stains, resulting in a pristine home environment.


Time and Effort Savings

Hiring Irish Cleaners saves you time and effort, as their skilled professionals efficiently handle cleaning tasks, giving you more time to focus on important aspects of your life.


Reliable and Trustworthy

Count on Irish Cleaners for punctuality and exceptional service, as they arrive on time and deliver trustworthy cleaning solutions with professionalism and integrity.

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Get Clear Solution Answer FAQ.

On average, standard cleaning for a three-bedroom house in Dublin can range from €70 to €120. However, if you opt for a deep cleaning service, the cost could be between €150 and €250.

The hourly rate for a cleaner in Ireland can vary depending on factors such as location and the type of cleaning required. On average, the cost can range from €10 to €25 per hour.

A one-off cleaning service refers to a single, thorough cleaning session provided by professional cleaners. It is suitable for those who need a deep and comprehensive cleaning of their home or office on a one-time basis, rather than regular cleaning.

Irish Cleaners should be your top choice for deep cleaning in Dublin because of our certified and trusted cleaners, flexible scheduling options, competitive rates, and commitment to providing a pristine and sanitized environment for your home or office.

Scheduling a one-off deep cleaning service with Irish Cleaners is easy and convenient. Simply contact our friendly staff through a call or live chat, and they will assist you in setting up your preferred date and time for the cleaning session.